Melissa Bracuti To Serve As Delegate To The NJSBA General Council

Oct 16, 2015 | News by Graham Curtin |

The New Jersey Women Lawyers Association has selected Melissa Bracuti to serve as a delegate to the New Jersey State Bar Association General Council, beginning with the upcoming New Jersey State Bar Association General Council meeting scheduled for October 16, 2015.

Pursuant to the bylaws, the General Council serves as a forum for county and specialty bar associations and sections and committees of the New Jersey State Bar Association (“NJSBA”) and to bring to the attention of the NJSBA leadership matters of concern to the organized bar which have an impact on the practice of law and the role of lawyers in society; fosters more effective communication within the organized bar and enhances the NJSBA’s ability to take action on matters of common concern. 

Membership in the General Council is limited to:  NJSBA officers, current and past trustees, past presidents, committee chairs, section officers and designated delegates, county and speciality bar association officers and designated delegates, State Bar Foundation officers and ABA delegates.