Focus on the
client and all else
will follow.

Graham Curtin is a full-service law firm with its principal office conveniently located in Morristown, New Jersey.

The firm has represented clients in the New York metropolitan area, and from around the United States and overseas, for over thirty years. Our current clients include national and international insurance companies, manufacturers and purveyors of goods ranging from automobiles to semiconductors, casinos and hotels, real estate concerns and developers, hospitals and clinics, municipalities, professional corporations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals. The firm’s areas of expertise include corporate and transactional law; intellectual property law; labor and employment law; litigation; family law; construction law; real estate law; tax law; and trusts and estates law.

We endeavor to understand our clients’ needs and provide sensible solutions and spirited advocacy to achieve their business, legal, or personal goals. We also draw on our experience and knowledge to suggest opportunities that our clients may have overlooked. Overall, we staff cases and projects to ensure that our clients enjoy personal attention from an experienced attorney and that the work is performed efficiently, in accordance with the highest standards of our profession.

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